Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, give us a call any time at 908-517-3730 or send us a message at

Signing Up

GridRewards is available for iOS and Android devices, and on your web browser at Download the app or access the website, type in your email address, your chosen password, and your referral code (if applicable). Next, provide your zip code and address, and follow the prompts to connect your utility company account to your newly created GridRewards account.

A few helpful tips:

  • Have your utility company credentials on hand for the easiest signup.
  • Only zip codes with participating utility companies will be able to create accounts.
  • Remember: In order to earn money with GridRewards, you must complete the connection to your utility account.

If you want to log in and connect your account right now, you can do that by visiting

Have you previously created an online account with Con Edison before?

If not, you will have to sign up for a Con Edison account and connect that to your active utility. If you do not connect your Con Edison account with your active utility, Con Edison will not know that your account is related to any active utility number.

How do I know if my ConEd account is connected with my active utility?

If you haven’t paid online bills through ConEd’s website before, then there is a high probability that your utility account is not related to the online ConEd account you’ve created.

Head to your web browser, login to here with your account information, and check to see if you are prompted with, “....have you requested to turn on your power yet?” If you are seeing this, or something along similar lines – you’ll need to select the “I already have power” prompt. Then, look up your ConEd account number, confirm that you are the owner of said account, and complete the process of connecting your ConEd account to the online ConEd account.

Once that’s complete, you should be able to go back into your GridRewards app, select “Link Your Utility,” login with your ConEd account and connect.

If you have any questions with any part of the signup flow, check out our step-by-step guide.

For more information, kindly email us!

Selecting Share until I revoke lets GridRewards show you your energy data and track your energy savings. All other options prevent the app from showing you your data, and from earning money during GridRewards events.

Note that you can revoke permission any time on the Con Edison website.

We can help solve your problem directly! Kindly email us with the email address that you used to sign up for GridRewards, and describe the nature of the issue that you’re seeing. If you can provide screenshots of the problem you are experiencing, we can get a better idea of what you’re seeing!

In some cases, it can help to fully reset your connection to Con Edison. To do that, Go to Con Edison's Share My Data page and choose “Stop sharing my data.”

Once that’s complete, email us and ask us to remove your account. After this, you will be able to start fresh: re-sign up and reconnect to your utility company by using the app or by clicking here.

There are two main ways to use the app: to earn money and to save money. Both help the environment!

To earn money: look out for notifications about GridRewards events and participate in them. To participate, save as much electricity as you can during events, which are usually 1-4 hours long during a few hot summer afternoons. Your energy savings will automatically be tracked, and you will earn money at the end of the year based on how well you did.

To save money: use the app as a guide to save electricity all year long. The app has a list of energy-saving actions that can be used as a helpful checklist and guide to what makes the biggest difference on your bill. Track the history of your electricity use, cost, carbon footprint, and the actions you took (down to the hour) in the app.

Once you’ve connected your utility account, all of your energy usage data should flow into the app (please note this can take up to one hour to sync). You’ll be able to see hour-by-hour insights into your energy usage as well as recommendations on how to save energy.

If you have an Ecobee thermostat, you can connect it to GridRewards as well. At this time, we only support Ecobee integration.

Stay connected with the GridRewards community by following us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter (@getgridrewards) for more energy-saving tips and to find out about upcoming events!

For many people, navigating the Con Edison website is easier on a desktop computer than on a phone, so you may want to visit this link on your computer:

From here, you’ll either need to create an online account with Con Edison, or login with your credentials.

  • Login to
  • Hover over Account & Billing and select Energy Usage
  • Scroll down until you see Share My Data and then select Manage My Data Sharing which is located right underneath the header
  • You’ll arrive on a new page that has the header Share My Data. If you scroll down a little more, you’ll see My Active Connections and My Available Connections
  • Select My Available Connections
  • Look for Logical Buildings under My Available Connections. It should be on page 3. Select Logical Buildings.
  • A new screen will pop up where you can specify the account number you wish to connect.
  • In the Select Timeframe box, be sure to select Share until I revoke it
  • Click Save

Yes! We’re happy to talk with you personally and answer any of your questions. Also know that you’re not the first person who thinks this might be too good to be true; we’re here to discuss any of your reservations.

Give us a call any time at 908-517-3730 or send us a message at

Making money with GridRewards Events

The most important step is to connect your utility account, which will allow you to earn money by saving electricity during GridRewards events. Once you have done that, you’ll have access to GridRewards University which has key information about participating in events, conserving energy throughout the year, multiplying your impact, and how your actions can help the electric grid!

On hot summer days when people run their A/C, the utility turns on extra fossil fuel power plants. To reduce the need for these polluting peaker plants, the utility calls upon you to save energy. This is when we will notify you of a GridRewards event. So how can you help?

  • Starting 4 hours before the event, set your thermostat to a lower temperature, then when the event begins, raise the temperature a few degrees above normal
  • Not going to be home? Turn off your AC completely!
  • Flip off your lights and unplug nonessential electronics and appliances
  • Avoid doing laundry or running the dishwasher
  • Go to a local coffee shop, museum, or cooling center!

The frequency of GridRewards events depends on the weather! On average, there are around 5 to 10 events per summer. Each event lasts 2 to 4 hours. Typically, you’ll get 21 hours notice. But in the case of an emergency, you could be notified 30 minutes to 2 hours beforehand!

During GridRewards event hours, reduce your electricity use by at least a third. You’ll be on track to earn the maximum amount of money if you do this for all events during a particular summer.

Please note that if your enrollment date was after May 1, 2022 you are participating in a voluntary program and, while you will be earning cash incentives, the rewards will be less than if you were enrolled from the beginning of the Demand Response season. However, you will be able to start earning the regular cash incentive during the next Demand Response season. We plan to share information on how to enroll for the next season this coming Fall. The deadline to enroll for the next season is April 28, 2023.

The current GridRewards period runs from May 1 to September 30, which is when the summer season ends for ConEdison.

Payments are based on the amount of energy that was reduced by individual units during the summer events and will be redeemable at the end of the season through a check mailed to your address or a donation to nonprofits doing meaningful social and environmental work! Please ensure to update your mailing address in the app if you would like to receive a check.

Please note this can take a few months after we receive data from the utility about individual performance, which means you can expect to see your payment in the winter. We recognize this can be a lengthy timeframe, but we will be delivering as soon as we possibly can!

To earn the most money, you need to be signed up before the GridRewards season begins in May. If you enroll after May, then you may earn a smaller amount of money this season, and you will be automatically enrolled next season and eligible to earn the maximum amount the following year.

Collecting your payment through PayPal

To collect your GridRewards payment through PayPal, you’ll need to login to PayPal with your email address. If you forgot your password, follow these steps to reset it or contact PayPal customer service to reset your account. From there, you will need to follow PayPal’s instructions to verify your account.

To add the email associated with your PayPal account, click Claim Your Money in the email from PayPal about your GridRewards payment. Then, log into your active PayPal account. Log in with your account credentials and the next screen will ask you to link an email to this account. From there, you can add the email that you want your payment to be sent to.

Check out this reference guide for physical instructions. You can also get more assistance on PayPal’s support channel.

Rest assured, if this still doesn't work, once your payment times out mid-month, we will send a physical check to the address associated with your GridRewards account as a secondary option.

Our payments go out first via PayPal, but if this is not your preferred method, not to worry! If you haven’t picked up the PayPal payment in 30 days, we’ll send a check to the mailing address indicated in your GridRewards app. Edit your address in the app by going to Profile and selecting Payment Preference.

Saving money all year round

Use the app as a guide to save electricity all year long. The app has a list of energy-saving actions that can be used as a helpful checklist and guide to what makes the biggest difference on your bill. Track the history of your electricity use, cost, carbon footprint, and the actions you took (down to the hour) in the app.

See your electricity cost in detail in the Energy screen – this screen helps you monitor your electricity use and see exactly how much that electricity cost by the hour, day and billing period.

You can discover energy-saving actions in the Events screen to learn how to make the highest-impact changes on a daily basis and during GridRewards events!

By actively using GridRewards, you are promising your neighbors and the environment to be more energy efficient during times of high stress on the grid. As climate change becomes a lived reality for New Yorkers, climate action is needed now more than ever.

On top of that, some times of day have a more positive impact than others. Hours marked as bad or very bad times have the highest carbon emissions per unit of electricity used, so saving electricity during these times helps the planet the most. To reduce your carbon footprint, make sure to choose good or okay times to use electricity! See the home screen to know when it’s a good or bad time.

Everything else

You can earn bonuses for working together with your friends and family to maximize your environmental impact!

Click the gift icon in the upper right hand corner to find and share your unique code and link – share it with as many people as you want! Either click Copy your code or click Share your referral code to invite your friends and family.

Have them use the referral code/link during sign-up – you'll both get a $10 bonus when they save electricity during the GridRewards season!

See full terms here:

For your zip code to be eligible, your utility company needs to offer GridRewards services as part of their Demand Response programs. If you want us to make that happen, express your interest by writing to us at and including your zip code.

If you have multiple addresses, be sure to link them all to your GridRewards account. This can be done by selecting the GridRewards logo on the upper left hand corner of your screen - you should see part of your address underneath. A new screen will pull up with a list of your current enrolled addresses. Select Add in the upper right hand corner to add a new address.

Once you have authorized the additional address, you will have the option to switch between addresses on this same page. The app will show data for whichever address is selected.

If you have multiple addresses, but aren’t seeing the selector on the profile screen, send us a message at

When you move, you’ll need to set up a new utility account with your provider. Once this is set up, you can select Link New Account on the Profile screen of your GridRewards app. Type in your credentials, and authorize data sharing from this new utility account.

Once you’ve done that, send us a message to notifying us that your address has changed.

If you move in the middle of the GridRewards season and sign up with your new address and utility number, you will be enrolled for the following summer season.

Have questions? Get in touch