Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, give us a call any time at 908-517-3730 or send us a message at

Signing Up

To log into the app, type in your zip code, create a GridRewards account, then connect to your utility company.

A few helpful tips:

  • Have your utility company credentials on hand for the easiest signup.
  • Only zip codes with participating utility companies will be able to log in.
  • Remember that in order to earn money with GridRewards, you must complete the connection to your utility account.

If you want to log in and connect your account right now, you can do that here:

Below is a step-by-step guide. You may also find it easier to try the login and connect flow on a desktop computer:

  1. Log in to Con Edison – here’s the link again:
  2. You’ll arrive at the “Start Sharing your Energy Data” page
  3. Scroll down and tap “How long would you like to…”
  4. Select “Share it until I revoke it” and tap “Done”
  5. Tap the grey square to check off “By checking this box, you agree to release your data…”
  6. Hit “Submit”

If you have any questions with any part of the signup flow, contact us at

Selecting “Share until I revoke” lets GridRewards show you your energy data and track your energy savings. All other options prevent the app from showing you your data, and from earning money during GridRewards events.

Note that you can revoke permission any time on the Con Edison website by visiting

We can help solve your problem directly. Reach out to us at Tell us the email address that you used for your GridRewards app account, and describe the nature of the issue that you’re seeing.

In some cases, it can help to fully reset your connection to Con Edison. To do that:

  1. Go to and choose “Stop sharing my data”.

  2. Email us at and ask us to remove your account. We will remove the GridRewards app account on our end and let you know. After this, you will be able to start fresh: re-sign up and reconnect to your utility company by using the app, or following this link:

Follow this link to sign up:

Here’s what to expect: If you haven't already, you’ll create a GridRewards account, then you’ll connect it to your existing utility account. After that you can let us know how you want to be notified of GridRewards events.

If you’re still having trouble, contact us here:

Note that not all utility companies are participating in the GridRewards program. If you want us to reach out to your utility company, let us know at the email address above.

There are two main ways to use the app: to earn money and to save money. Both help the environment!

To earn money: look out for notifications about GridRewards events and participate in them. To participate, save as much electricity as you can during events, which are usually 1-2 hours long during a few hot summer afternoons. Your energy savings will automatically be tracked, and you will earn money at the end of summer based on how well you did.

To save money: use the app as a guide to save electricity all year long. The app has a list of energy-saving actions that can be used as a helpful checklist and guide to what makes the biggest difference on your bill. Track the history of your electricity use, cost, carbon footprint, and the actions you took (down to the hour) in the app.

For many people, navigating the Con Edison website is easier on a desktop computer than on a phone, so you may want to visit this link on your computer:

If you’re visiting Con Edison from your phone, a few things to look out for: there is a dropdown menu that says, “How long would you like to share…” Tap this text and make sure to select “Share it until I revoke it”. Check the box below that menu and hit “Submit”.

If you encounter other issues, reach out to us at

Yes! We’re happy to talk with you personally and answer any of your questions. Also know that you’re not the first person who thinks this might be too good to be true; we’re here to discuss any of your reservations.

Give us a call any time at 908-517-3730 or send us a message at

Making money with GridRewards Events

The most important step is to connect your utility account, which will allow you to earn money by saving electricity during GridRewards events. Go to the top of the Home screen and tap the first card in the “Next steps” section. It’s called “Earn money for saving electricity”.

GridRewards events are 1-2 hour blocks of time where you can earn money by saving electricity.

Events usually happen on a few (5-10) hot summer afternoons.

We’ll notify you ahead of time so you can get ready. When the event starts, reduce electricity as much as you can during those hours.

During each GridRewards event block, reduce your electricity use as much as possible. You’ll earn the maximum amount of money if you do this for all events during a particular summer.

The current GridRewards period runs through Sept. 30, which is when the summer season ends for ConEdison. The payments are based on the amount of energy that was reduced by individual units during the summer events and will be redeemable via an e-payment (checks can also be mailed to the address listed on the utility bill if preferred) at the end of the season. Please note this can take up to 60 days after we receive data from the utility about individual performance, which means you can expect to see your payment in the fall/winter. We recognize this can be a lengthy timeframe, but we will be delivering as soon as we possibly can! Please note that if your enrollment date was after May 3, 2021 you are participating in a voluntary program and, while you will be earning cash incentives, the rewards will be less than if you were enrolled from the beginning of the Demand Response season. However, you will be able to start earning the regular cash incentive during the next Demand Response season. We plan to share information on how to enroll for the next season this coming Fall. The deadline to enroll for the next season is May 2, 2022.

GridRewards Season is May through September. To earn the most money you need to be signed up before the start of the GridRewards season. If you enroll after May then you may earn a small amount of money this season, and you will be automatically enrolled next season and eligible to earn the maximum amount the following year.

Saving money all year round

Saving electricity every day will save you money on your bill. In the app, we’ve included an energy-saving actions checklist that tells you the most effective ways to save electricity. These actions are a guide to help you save money every day of the year.

See your electricity cost in detail on the history screen – This screen helps you monitor your electricity use and see exactly how much that electricity cost by the hour, day and billing period.

Every time you check off an action, the action will appear on your history page, so you can see how it affects your bill.

Yes, saving on your electricity bill also saves the planet! Every bit of electricity you save reduces your carbon footprint.

On top of that, some times of day have more positive impact than others. Carbon Crush times mark the hours with the highest carbon emissions per unit of electricity used, so saving electricity during Carbon Crush times helps the planet the most. To reduce your carbon footprint, choose “good” or “okay” times to use electricity, and avoid using electricity during “bad” or “very bad” times. See the home screen to know when it’s a good or bad time.

Everything else

You can earn bonuses for working together with your friends and family to maximize your environmental impact!

Find your unique code on the “Give $10, get $10" screen in the app – share it with as many people as you want! If your friends and family save enough electricity during this summer’s GridRewards events to earn money, you’ll each earn a $10 bonus!

Small change adds up! If everyone does their part, we can prevent tons of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere – and you’ll get paid to do it.

Give us a call any time at 908-517-3730 or send us a message at

For your zip code to be eligible, your utility company needs to set up a partnership with us at GridRewards. If you want us to make that happen, write to us at and let us know your zip code and that you’re interested.

You can switch between addresses at the top of the Profile page of the GridRewards app. The app will show data for whichever address is selected.

If you have multiple addresses, but aren’t seeing the selector on the profile screen, send us a message at

No, you do not need to check off actions to participate in GridRewards events. Your participation is measured by how much actual electricity you save. To earn the most money, save at least one third of your typical electricity use during GridRewards events.

To update your address, send us a message to for direct help from our team.

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